What best describes your issue?


Body Pain

Burns (includes sunburns)

Cold -Runny Nose Only

Congestion/Sinus Pressure

Congestion/Sinus Pressure + Headache/Pain + Runny Nose

Congestion/Sinus Pressure + Runny Nose (from allergies, with or without redness or itching of the eyes or nose)


Cough (clearing of mucus or phlegm)

Cough (dry and hacking)

Cough + Headache/Sore Throat

Cough + Runny Nose

Cough + Runny Nose/Congestion/Sinus Pressure + Headache/Pain

Cough + Runny Nose + Sinus Pressure

Cough + Sinus Pressure

Cuts and Scrapes


Diaper Rash/Diaper Dermatitis - Child with red or purplish skin on the area where the diaper makes contact with the skin


Dry, Flaking, Scaling Skin (includes dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis)

Dryness of the vagina causing itching or irritation (atrophic vaginitis)

Dry Skin

Dysmenorrhea - Aching pains and cramps in the middle to lower abdominal region that persist for a few hours and happen around the time of the onset of menses

Excessive Ear Wax Production


Flu - Dry Cough + Sore Throat + Muscle Aches + Fever + Chills

Flu - Dry Cough + Sore Throat + Muscles Aches + Fever + Chills + Congestion + Runny Nose

Fungal Skin Infections (ringworm, athlete's foot)


Hair Loss


Healthy Lifestyle Information


Hemorrhoids - Itching, irritation, pain, or burning of anal region

Insect Bites (mosquito, bedbug, flea, chigger)

Insect Stings (bee's, hornets, wasps)



Nausea or Motion Sickness (includes nausea from pregnancy)

Poison Ivy

Premenstrual Syndrome/PMS - Symptoms that occur every month, around the time of menstruation, symptoms can include mood or emotional changes, fatigue, irritability, headache, stomach upset and bloating

Red, Itchy, Watery Eyes


Teething Baby

Warts, Corns or Calluses

Water Clogged Ears

Yeast Infection (female)

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