Dose the patient being treated have any of the following conditions?

• Older than 65 years old.

• Less than 2 years old.

• A burn that is from an electrical or chemical source.

• A burn with broken or blistering skin of the burned area.

• A burn on the hands, feet, head, face, or joints.

• Diabetes.

• Multiple chronic health conditions.

• Immunosuppression from a health condition or from medications.


• A burn that has gotten worse after 24-48 hours.

• A burn that has persisted for more than 7 days.

• A large area of the skin is burned from direct contact with heat (over 2%, you can measure this by considering the hand of the person with the burn as 1%, therefore the size of two hands is around 2%).

• Having any other accompanying symptoms other than pain (not severe pain) or skin irritation.

• A burn that has occurred after starting a new medication, and without the person with the burn being exposed to any more heat or light than usual (some medications can cause hypersensitivity to light).



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